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Nine “women’s argue words” and their inwardness!

Now we will again look under the dish-cover of women’s world. Each man has certainly own experience of arguing with a woman. Throughout the reading of following rows, he will bear in mind, that he had definitely heard those words already from her mouth. Now he will be able to decipher them, finally.

1. FINE: this is the word, which women use while they want to battle out because they are right and man should shut up.

2. 5 MINUTES: If the woman is getting dressed, 5 minutes mean 1 hour. 5 minutes mean really 5 minutes only when the man has last 5 minutes to watch the football match before he has to assist in housekeeping.

3. NOTHING: This is like when a storm is brewing. This means “something” and man should be alert. Arguments starting with “NOTHING” usually finish with “FINE”!

4. KEEP ON!: This is the challenge, not the permission. For men, this means to stop doing what they were doing!

5. DEEP SIGH: In fact, this is not a word, but non-verbal expression – interjection, very often misunderstood by men. Deep sigh means, the woman thinks of the man that he is an idiot and she is considering why she is wasting her time by arguing with him (check out also point 3 above).

6. THAT’S OK!: This is one of the most dangerous statement woman says to the man. This means she wants to pretty long and tenaciously think over how and when the man will pay for his mistake.

7. THANKS: The woman thank man. In such a case he should not ask what for or “fall senseless”. It is enough to say: “That’s all right.”

8. WELL: Women’s way how to express “F*ck you!”

9. DON’T WORRY, I’LL HANDLE IT MYSELF!: Another dangerous statement. Means, the woman asked for something from man more times, but now she is handling it by herself. The result will be, Man will ask: “Something happened?” The Woman will reply: (check out point 3).

PS1: Send out to men as the warning!
PS2: Send out to women for laughing, BECAUSE THEY KNOW, THIS IS TRUE.


Slovak original: Deväť „ženských slov hádky“ a ich pravý význam!


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