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For idiots with cell phones: ….Your life ends with a death battery

For a longer period of a time I have a water vapor in me, that wants to go out sooooo bad. We will talk about “retards” who promoted their pocket boxes to the new level. Having a cell phone is nowadays necessity, but bloody hell people, slow down!

Cell phone as a supporting crutch
When a couple, friends, business partners meets…what battery allows, sooner or latter, their faces ends on the display. Writing back on social media posts, read e-mails, watch funny bullshits on YouTube…..and when the debate face to face somehow fade you can always put the blame on urgent business phone call. After that the phone stays in the hand like supporting crutch the whole time. To wait for activity from the other side of the table is kinda pointless. But there must be a way how to get out of that live embarrassment.

Hurry up, because this one is old
Another incomprehensible thing for my brain cells is a fact that if someone have in hand/ in a pocket/ in charger not more than a one year old, fully function phone… why the hell that dumbass needs the newest model? Most of them use that phone only to calling, setting alarm, camera, messaging, checking facebook, or use useless app anyway. They prefer not to go on vacation, not eat, but the new iPhone or other image like cutting onion board is a must have! Usually behind that “property” you can find a man who gave up his entire monthly salary. Hello, Am I missing something? Every night he charges his idol, just to make it roast his head the next day as long as possible. God forbid that there is less capacity and love must go into the pocket. Retard is uncomfortable, he suffers bouts of cold turkey, and suddenly does not know what to do with unplanned amount of a time.

Massive entertainment
I stand at the bus stop, there is 11 of us…There is 10 people that stare in their phones (there you just have to do it!)
Two chicks are talking by the table, but each of them stare in into the phone (such a fun party)
Within five minutes of a meeting you have to take a group selfie and post it on the fuckbook. (so every social retards knows how much fun we have)

Like this…
I am Sorry, that I don't use every “important” app that is currently “in” but I prefer to spend my time differently. I will never be considered a person without smartphone as a technically inferior.
Have interconnected all possible mail - bank - social accounts is probably comfortable, but sometimes for a laziness you have to pay
Selection of top smartphone does not guarantee that its owner is a little more (maybe he or she just misses something important in their life)

It's more than enough to have a little look around. People these days have no idea what is the color of the sky, because all they do is look on the ground to their screens… Looking directly into the eyes… not even mention.

Slovak original: Debilom s mobilom: ... tvoj „život“ končí vybitím batérie


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Autor: Myshoun / translation Milly, 22.1.2017