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This is what woman wants on a first date

Who asks, learns. Young babes but also experienced woman sent me their answers. My question to them was clear. “How do you picture your perfect and ideal first date?” So let's get reading and I hope that after this all first dates will be perfect for both sides.

Just for your information. All the answers I left in their original form.

1. I picture my first date in a place where two people can talk (coffee place, walking in the park). Definitely not in a noisy or smoky places). Man must be a gentleman and know at least basic behavior things such as opening the door for me and so on…but too much action is not good. He should be confident, but not way too much. He should make a girl laugh the whole night. About the first kiss, it is best when it happens during the evening, in a natural way, not as it is usually in the movies "front yard" . First of all its kinda cliche and second of all if man leaves it on a last minute I would get so nervous…And I have no idea how it will end up. Good point is when a men offers me a few drinks so the environment is “chill”. Definitely its not good to try something more than a kiss. Those things should manage the girl. What I miss in first dates are compliments. Man should not forget them. They are key element in a first date. When a men is …..he will pay the bill by the bar. So there won’t be that awkward situation, when the waiter comes and then both will reach for their wallets.

2. It requires a live place such as restaurant, bar and latter disco bar if they both like to dance. when it goes to me, there are two things: polite and funny (other such as clean i consider as a need.) …..are welcome but spontaneous not violent, how far they lead depends on many factors.

3. Ideal date? Location: Anywhere where you and your new crush are feeling good. Activity: eg. some exhibitions, where you can talk and if a partner wont attract you, you can "only" look. Man should be real. Maybe he shouldn't talk a a lot about how his previous girlfriend was like. Tenderness on the first date i don't want…unless if it is a one night stand
Personally, I do not want romantic, but I guess its kinda unusual. One scored first date has not yet occurred: pool. You make sure that you not only like the character but also the body. The advantage: no flowers, only the cream and you can talk about everything.

4. If I tell the truth, I never build air bridges. Surely any woman would love gallant man, who is at the moment willing to do anything for her. There is no universal recipe how to do it. A person to succeed, it must sparkle ... and if that happens, then neither of them does not care if tenderness, kisses and even if something more happens.
Man should be considerate but not just after five minutes grab her by the hand and starts to cuddle. Surely she would get scared and quickly run away. It's nice if he is really social, does not talk about the struggles and is trying to listen (or should be at least pretending), because if he is not listening and does not communicate it is again bull... It is also important what situation you meet somebody. Absolutely no need to look for a recipe how to do it, because it will find its way, and dissemble makes no sense, the other half will find out very soon. Sooo good luck with “hunting" boys !!!

5. My last "first" date was in Bratislava with my current husband. I think it was fine, although one does not know quite what to expect at the beginning. I've never had great expectations because that is usually followed by disappointment. I liked his approach, not too fast. I have to say that slow acquaintance is probably best. And he certainly was a great gentleman. He brought a bouquet of red roses and this is definitely a big plus, at least for me! I am a great romantic in the evening with a glass of wine and many, many questions, getting to know what we like or what you expect from life and so on... cuddling at the very beginning?, not for me

6. When I think about first date the first thing crossing my mind is “a modesty". It must be spontaneous, sweet, dating encounter. No showing off. It should be a meeting where we should know a little more about each other, about what we like…
Location: Any pleasant cafe place or restaurant with good food possibly wine. It can also be a creative idea on the part of man, I would certainly appreciate it tenderness, I would skip on the first date, although never say never !!!
What if it's love at first sight? If that spark is there, there are no rules. But I still think that tenderness on the first date would rather discouraging me and I might think that he has no serious interest in me, but rather that he wants me only for "fun" ...


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