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Shocking theory about little evil man

Even tho its so far only unconfirmed theory, one thing is certain, it is applied only on men. It begins to fulfill in their end. Yes, shortly after the death. When the man dies, hes not going to heaven, hell or purgatory. He is going into the hands of a little evil man.

What does this theory say?
Man after his physical death gets in a soundproof room in measuring 4 x 4 meters. He is naked and his hands hangs a few centimeters from the ground in the middle of the room. Then you add to it a little evil man, who comes to him and for every missed or refused sex with a woman he deserves punishment!

Then th small evil man beat up the man terribly! Not just once, but once for each such not made sex! He beaks his ribs, discharged his teeth, broke his jaw, crosscuts his thigh bones then breaks the knee to the other side ... By morning, the man heals all physical injuries, only severe pain remains... But... For lunch, a little evil man appears again and hell battle continues

... I know its only a theory, or even superstition, but what if it's true? Guys, thats why do not miss any sex that your wife / partner offers to you. Little evil man is waiting!

Slovak original: Šokujúca teória o zlom mužíčkovi!

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Autor: Myshoun / translation Milly, 18.7.2016