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Women don´t appreciate good men!

Every girl is waiting for her Princ Charming. Even when someone like that appears, she keeps on waiting for even better prince. If she is lucky enought and some miracle happens, guy like that appears, she takes his kindness for granted and she mutters happily on. Simply put, you are never too good for a woman.

Life reality

1. Every guy is interested in good looking pussycat. He will give her anything...He escort her home...Just romantic for hundred percent, he tries to help her with everything, support her. The result? Calf tells him that it´s over, because he is too kind for her. Logic? None..none at all! In short period of a time lady starts dating half idiotic, mafian like looking guy, that don´t care about her, he doesn´t answer his phone for like tree days, he is cheating on her everywhere he possibly can...The result? He is her champion, because she feels he is man with a big M. Logic? That is not even there.

2. In spinsters with average look is interested smart hardworking dude. But because he is out of her high standards that she has, he is nicely and diplomatically reject. Result? Every night she writes on social media statuses about how much lonely she is and how she don´t believe in true love or boys like this and that. In worst scenario she bothers her happily taken or same retarded girlfriends. Logic? The vocabulary don´t even have a word for that, but as the time goes by...the batteries to her vibrating friend will coast her more than she ever thought.

3. Father of the family goes only to the work and to flat (no bars, no sports, no girls...) where he fights on each battlefield. In work he has terrible noise, stress and mental stress noise at home and lack of rest. The result? I hope that after his first heart attack, the princess will wake up.


What to do with it?
Even in the Constitution of our funny Republic I would add supplement, according to which the young woman the day after she reaches 18th birthday she joins the so-called. “Partner school of life.” Easy peasy? Not at all. The school would mean six months of life with a total asshole. Instead of kiss, he will welcome her at the door with one air cooled slap. No help around the house (taking out the garbage, take the laundry, vacuuming, washing dishes...) no romance (massage, cuddling, flowers..) no fun or culture, only douchebag with greasy tank top eating onion chips in front of football in house that smells like pig sweat.

I believe, that after this action training should all the modern woman (that can´t even cook a tea) spinsters (that are bitching on everything) and married wives, start appreciate normal guys and relinquish their excessive claims. Millionaire with well furnished flat, luxury car, 24 hours of free time for family, athletic body figure with face of George Clooney and with 25 cm dick can´t be every man.

The end
As my older and smarter friend says: „When the donkey feels good, he starts to dance on the ice.“ Now...Make a conclusion by yourself...

The original Slovak version: Ženy si nevážia dobrých mužov!

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