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Why is it better to take photos of food rather than models?

I am perfectly fine, normal and healthy hetero. But when it comes to photo shooting: food and candies have big big plus compared with ladies, who referre themselves as models.

Why to prefer gastro photo shoot?

1. Never comes too late for shooting: Food on the plate is on the set always on time! Morning before photo shoot it never complains about how its side is dying of filling is running out, or there is too many alcohol ingredients.

2. It can hold one position: Any position. It is not confused about where is right and where is left. Without mumbling you can help it with hand or tweezers to get the propper possition.

3. Its not talking: Its too long, the lamp is burning my eyes, I am bored, I need to have a ciggaret, i need to pee. And the other food is definitely not calling all the time. Plus meat never gossip about desert, that its filling is getting soft.

4. Its not jealous: It is a big differece to take photos of four cottage cheese and four live buns. Those live ones will never have the same opinion about used photos.

5. Guaranteed pleasure: After photo shoot it lets you eat it, without any words. It doesn´t mind that photographer is licking wipped cream out of it as well.

….and the best part: Meal after retouching never calls the photographer that it doesn´t like the pictures of itself. Because it have crooked decorative mint, too much sauce, or there is too much of a meat showing. And that coasts the mental health :)

The original Slovak version: Prečo radšej fotiť jedlo ako modelky?

Autor: Myshoun / translation Milly, 10.1.2016
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