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Woman, you should avoid!

Guys have to help each other. They should at least give each other good advice. In case of a woman it is even more important. Even tho in love (horny) guy is basically def, blind monkey, maybe some of them will think of these advise in the right moment. Any similarities with the people in the article are sadly not an accident...Oh well...

These woman will make hell out of mens life:

Walking depression:
Just one look in her eyes and you know, miss has more problems with herself than United Nations Organisation (UNO) with atomic weapons in „bad“ countries. After nice and sunny day full of fun and nice enviroment.. at the night without the blink of an eye she disses everything that had happend during the day. Everything is bad, nothing goes well, people around her are weird, or they hate her, today was cloudy..blah blah would rather pull the trigger and...

She loves mens „bird“ more than is healthy so it´s better to have sex with her at the morning, so you know, your the first of the day. Behind everyhing she sees only hard screwdrivers. She is ideal as a secretary, but suitable as a partner. Weak nymphomaniac as she is, one guy is never enough. That is the biggest problem. Honestly, which guy wants to slam the door frame with the antlers?

Sleeping Beauty
Cute, pretty, but only two of her brain platens works. At the beggining it is with the slightly slow cutie fun but for a longer track it is horrible. Until she gets the information through looooong proces, usually its out of date,or time possible for her reaction already expired. Thats why there are many awkward and embarrassing silence moments situations. Does anyone really need this?

Nerve ball
Oh shit, it´s morning? Where´s the bus? Why you didnt do that...? With her, the most innocent thing means yell, stress and nerves. If you want to let your nerves get demage, go ahead and find yourself 
an obstereperous harpy. Her nervousness transferred to another individual begins with the tic in the eye, carding the corners of the mouth to the sedative…alcohol...teketubbies.

Perzian princess
I would like to have this...I would like to have that....Better everything now, for free and of corse with no work. Princess thinks her existency and smile is enough and life will go her own direction. Everybody can die for her, she has everything but for her, its never enough and she´s never satisfied.

Big kid
Almost thirty and Hello Kitty on the shirt. Dumb childish chats so you would like to kill yourself. Trying to be eternally young and carefree...because someone will solve everything for me...right...awwwww

Boob man
Army clothes, Ok. Big tattoo? Oh, well. Watching sport? Ok. Ciggarets and alcohol? Not really. Big muscles? Wow, slow down. Promiscuity? Ok, enought... Chats about maschines, war, gym, other girls, lots of dirty can´t even be a girl...more likely girl with the boobs. If there is stiffy most likely after few shots, ok after more than a few shots.

The original Slovak version: Ženy, ktorým sa treba vyhnúť!

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